How does a store front stay alive even when it's closed?

By using augmented reality on the Urban Decay store front, a customer can quickly find what they are looking for without searching a browser or even walking into the store. We also expanded on L'Oreal's augmented reality uses within the app by allowing products to be scanned for more information such as pricing and tutorials. Hover over the image on the right to see it in action!


Cinematographer: Daniel RC Pavia

Motion Media & Editor: Caroline Cook

Photographer for the still image: Hannah Golden

Photographer for the DOSE photoshoot: Francisco Betancourt
Model: Alexis Sander  

Make-up Artist: Julia Morgan


After creating a DOSE annual publication for UD, we added an augmented reality capability to give customers insights on the looks and products used in the shots. Thus, driving a relationship with the customer through a detailed experience and tutorials. Hover over image below to see behind the scenes footage for the photoshoot we took for this campaign. The DOSE publication was created by Sarah Therrien, Hannah Gilbertson, Elisa Londoño Ochoa, and with the help of Julia Morgan. 


As mentioned,  I worked with nineteen other designers of all different fields of study to create this project. Though I worked specifically within the digital team, rethinking a cosmetic store goes way beyond digital. It is about physically experiencing the products and how they make you feel. Thank you all who contributed to this wonderful experience!


Through this project I was able to land an internship with the Global DMI team at Urban Decay Cosmetics in Newport Beach, CA.