Social Media
influencer campaign

The Naked Wanderlust Social Media Campaign is surrounded around the personas of each palette and pairs them with a locations around the world. During this campaign, influencers were picked to represent each palette's personas and go to each specific location for a week. At the location the influencers would share content about the palette, tutorials done each other, and share their wild trip. Through this campaign users can relate to a certain palette and or even empowered to try a different one because of the styles and personalities they each have. Each influencer will also encourage followers to share how they vibe with each palette and the different looks they've done throughout the journey with #udwanderlust and the name of the palette. 


On National Nudist Day, July 14th, the final event of the campaign would be hosted at all UD Flagship stores, UD Pop-ups, and on All palettes will be slightly discounted, engravable, and come with a customizable bag. Drive customers to our stores and sites to show our rebranding and push people to choose our sites first for all things Urban Decay.

FaceBook Messenger Customer Service

Luckily with the advancement of artificial intelligence and Facebook messenger, we can discover several different pain points, engage customers, quickly reach customer service, and even send reminders like upcoming events.

The Intern Project was created in collaboration Julia Morgan, Mimi Bohr, and Mandee Young.